Spring Clean Your Home in 20 Easy Steps

Spring Clean Your Home in 20 Easy Steps

The days are longer, the temperature is warmer and spring has officially sprung! What better way to get yourself and your home feeling good and looking good for the new season then by doing a big spring clean. A tidy home is a tidy mind, it helps us to feel efficient, organised, decluttered and maintain a little more peace in our lives. We completely understand that a spring clean can sometimes feel overwhelming and too time consuming to wrap our heads around, so we’ve done a little research and put together 20 steps to help you spring clean your home without it taking over your life!

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1. Vacuum your walls using a brush attachment, then give them a good wipe down - and don’t forget the skirting boards.

2. Vacuum and mop the floors in your home, if you have carpets or rugs try and steam clean these or get them professionally done to lift out old stains, smells or dust. A new rug can breathe so much life into a home, browse our collection here if yours need refreshing.


3. Dust and wipe down your ceilings, then your ceiling fans and air conditioning units so they’re ready to be cranked back on again for those warmer months!

4. Wipe your lightbulbs with a damp microfibre cloth - you’ll be amazed at how much more light they emit when they are sparkly clean.

5. Wash all mirrors, glass and the inside and outside of your windows. If you feel like some of your mirrors are beyond saving and you’re in need of an upgrade, check out our huge collection of unique rattan mirrors by clicking here. 

6. Clean your curtains! Depending on what curtains, blinds or drapes you have in your home, you can either take them to the dry cleaner, use the upholstery attachment on your vacuum, or pop them in the washing machine.

7. Dust and wipe all surfaces, tables, shelves and any home decor items that pick up dust - like frames, statues or ornaments. 

8. Remove the covers of your sofas, armchairs and throw cushions if possible and pop them in the washing machine or take them to the dry cleaner. If they aren’t removable, try to clean them with an upholstery cleaning or carpet cleaning machine. Cushions need replacing? We have some beautiful designs that will create a whole new look in your living space at an affordable cost - click here to take a look at them. 

9. Strip all the beds and leave the windows open in your bedrooms, giving your mattresses a chance to air themselves out.

10. Wash all of your winter bedding and store it in vacuum sealed bags to protect them from moths, dust and other creepy crawlies.

11. Wash your mattress pads, valance / bed skirts and vacuum or wipe your headboard.

12. Now is the perfect time to swap over to your lightweight linen! Ensure it is all freshly washed, then change the sheets in all of your bedrooms. If you’re looking to purchase some new bed linen to add a fresh look to your home this season, check out some of our favourite small businesses here: @thepillowslipstore @morethanever @rachelcastleandthings  

13. Go through your wardrobes and put your warm bulky clothes into storage and take any unused items to your local charity shop, rack sale - or clothes swap with a friend! Take the time to refold your clothes Marie Kondo style and only keep things that spark joy! 

14. Spray a strong bathroom cleaner into your shower walls, shower heads, bath tubs, taps, sinks, toilets and bathroom floors. Leave to soak for a while before coming back to rinse them clean.

15. Empty your fridge and freezer (use a cooler to keep your goodies nice and fresh) turn it off, then wait for the inside to come to room temperature. Now wash all shelves and the inside of the doors with warm soapy water before turning it back on again and reloading your food.

16. Empty your cupboards shelf by shelf, wipe down all the shelves and the inside and outside of the cupboard doors. Don’t forget your utensil and cutlery drawers! While you’re reloading your cupboards, make sure all of your old sauces and tinned items are still within their use by date.

17. Clean the inside of your oven, microwave, stove top, stove grates, dishwasher and while you’re at it… the BBQ could probably do with a clean too.

18. Tidy up your home office, especially any paperwork cluttering the place - file what you need to keep and shred what you don’t. You might also find clearing all your digital files on your computer helpful too.

19. Clean the leaves of your living and artificial plants around the home with a damp cloth and spray bottle of water. If your plant pots need replacing, consider swapping them with some of our stylish decor baskets. 

20. Have a look for the forgotten spots! Whether it’s a smoke detector, your bathroom drawers, the den in your kids playroom or the crevices behind your book shelves - there are sure to be some areas you have overlooked. Give every room in the house a good scan and make sure it’s all done and dusted… pun intended ;-)

Phew I think that’s everything! The only thing left is to grab a glass of wine or make yourself a cuppa and treat yourself to a well earned rest, some online shopping and possibly some new home decor items to spruce up your beautifully clean home even more! Check out all our products here.

Here are just a few more of our favourite immaculate spaces to give you a little spring cleaning inspiration...


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