Rattan Mirror Special - TOP 5 of Wall Styling

Rattan Mirror Special - TOP 5 of Wall Styling

Hunter & Nomad products in the above image (left to right): Large Sun Rattan Mirror ($129 $103.20 on special), Bunny Rattan Mirror ($99 $79.20 on special), Bear Rattan Mirror  ($99 $79.20 on special)

If you haven't done it before, decorating a bare wall can feel a bit daunting. There are many tutorials out there teaching you how to style a picture wall, however, there is little guidance when it comes to styling a wall using elements that are round or irregular shaped (like our gorgeous Hunter & Nomad mirrors, for example).
Let's change this here and now! Below are our TOP 5 TIPS when it comes to successfully styling any wall of your house. Give it a go, get creative and please share the end results on social using #stylingwithhunterandnomad. We'd love to feature your beautiful interiors.
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1. Make it an odd number

When styling with irregular shaped items, go for an odd number and offset your pieces. Not only will it look more artistic, but it will give your installation an organic look which is more pleasing to the eye.
Hunter & Nomad - How to - Wall Styling - Odd Numbers

Pinterest image by Reste. Hunter & Nomad mirrors from top to bottom: Large Flower Rattan Mirror ($129 $103.20 on special), Extra Large Sun Rattan Mirror ($159 $127.20 on special), Peacock Rattan Mirror ($159 $127.20 on special)

2. Stay within the same colour pallet or material

It generally doesn't matter how many pieces you combine and how close together (or far apart) they are hung, as long as they are somehow connected. This can be achieved through adhering to the same colour scheme or by choosing the same or similar materials (e.g. rattan or matt surface). See TIP 4 for another alternative.
Hunter & Nomad - How to - Wall Styling - Same Colour
Pinterest image by My Domain. Hunter & Nomad products from top left to bottom right: Sol Art Print by Lagom (from $59), Small Tudor Rattan Mirror ($159 $127.20 on special), Crescent Moon Rattan Mirror ($129 $103.20 on special), Large Sun Rattan Mirror ($129 $103.20 on special), Luna Art Print by Lagom (from $59)

3. Choose a wall that is already the room's focal point

Mae West once said: "Too much of a good thing can be taxing." When styling your feature wall, choose a wall that already is the room's focal point (e.g. behind the bedhead, above the console table in the hallway, or the wall that lies directly opposite the door). This helps to catch attention and draws the onlooker in without creating a sense of overwhelm or confusion.
Hunter & Nomad - How to - Wall Styling - Focal Point
Pinterest image by . Hunter & Nomad products from top to bottom: Large Nova Star Rattan Mirror ($129 $103.20 on special), Medium Wooden Peg Rack ($49), Extra Large Flower Rattan Mirror  ($159 $127.20 on special)

4. Create an overarching theme

You can choose your theme as narrow (e.g. native animals) or as broad (e.g. travel memorabilia) as you like, but having an overarching theme can group elements together that otherwise do not have anything in common. Another great way to combine things visually is to paint a section of your wall (as seen below in the beautiful Instagram image by The French Folk).
Hunter & Nomad - How to - Wall Styling - Same Topic
Unfortunately, the beautiful Hunter & Nomad Ogee Rattan Mirror is currently sold out, however you can place your name on the waitlist here. The very cool set of Four Rattan Wall Baskets ($199) is in stock.

5. Get creative and crafty!

Not everyone is an interior styling genius from the get go. It is totally fine to use some tools to make you feel more confident about your wall styling. In order to get it right and to avoid frustration here are a few tips:
• cut shapes out of cardboard and arrange them with sticky tape or blu tak until you're happy with the positioning
• take a photo of your wall and use free online graphic design tools like Canva to try out different layouts
• instead of nailing everything to the wall, use sticky wall hooks that you can buy from hardware stores. That way you won't leave any marks in case you change your mind later.
For more inspiration head over to our Wall Styling Pinterest Board or check out our Hunter & Nomad designed Mirror Collection. Have fun! xx

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