How To Add Colour Into Your Home

How To Add Colour Into Your Home

Let’s talk colour in the home! Although colour brings so much joy, it is something we often shy away from when decorating and instead so many of us turn to the old faithful palettes of neutrals and monochromes. Sound familiar?

With our business rebrand on the horizon and a whole heap of beautiful new products coming very soon, we have decided to embrace colour with our arms wide open and incorporate it heavily into the future of our business. We hope that in doing so we also inspire you, our lovely customers and readers, to do the same and add that little bit more colour into your home! In this blog post we will share with you a few tips for incorporating colour in the home, as well as share our favourite colourful items at Dutch Warehouse, PLUS 7 wonderfully colourful accounts on Instagram to help take your inspiration even further. Enjoy!


Top tips when decorating with colour…

Pick a palette and repeat it throughout the home

Although you’ll want each room to be unique you also want to make sure there is some flow from one room to another, so make sure you map out a plan first. Pick a couple of complementary colour families (e.g. blue and orange), then select colours to incorporate from within those groups (e.g. cobalt, turquoise, teal with tangerine, peach and coral).

Experiment one room at a time

Start off by focusing on a small space in the house such as a home office or a spare bedroom rather than a main room, as this gives you the opportunity to experiment without it being a major commitment.

Decorate from dark to light vertically

A great way to make any space look good without too much risk is to use your darkest colour for the floor, medium colours for the walls and light colours for your ceiling.

Paint in parts

Instead of painting a whole room a bold block colour, try painting just the door, window frames or a feature wall instead.

Accessorise with colour

If the idea of painting doors and walls is too much to handle, start small and instead try to accessorise with colourful decor items such as scatter cushions, lamp shades, wall art, books, fresh flowers, throws or rugs… that way they can be easily changed and updated over time. Click here to check out our favourite colourful home decor items available at Dutch Warehouse.

Find inspiration

This is our favourite part! Finding inspiration and new ideas is the best way to get the ball rolling when it comes to redecorating. Our favourite go-to spots for inspiration? Pinterest and Instagram of course!

Click here to check out our ever-changing Pinterest account to see what looks, styles and designs we are loving at the moment.

For Instagram inspiration, why not check out some of our favourite colourful insta accounts below...

1. @theflamingoandthefox 

2. @the.hectic.eclectic 


3. @teamtonkin 


4. @fourcheekymonkeys 


5. @rachelcastleandthings 


6. @apairandaspare 


7. @candycoloredhome 


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