Five easy ways to style a corner

Five easy ways to style a corner

Five Ways How To Style A Corner
Unless you live in a round house, you will be familiar with the challenge of styling corners in your home. We all know how to set up a living room, and how to place bedside tables or arrange furniture in the study. To make the corner styling challenge a little bit easier and more fun, here are our TOP 5 tips on how to style corners.

Create a reading nook

Place a comfy chair in the corner, add a side table and lamp on either side and have fun styling it up with your favourite accent cushions and throw. The lamp creates a beautiful ambience in this space, the perfect spot to curl up with a good book and relax.
Five Ways How To Style A Corner - Reading Corner

Make it a mini-exhibition space

Create a stunning focal point in your home with some art. Hang an oversized wall canvas and add a statement piece such as a sculpture or concrete side table with a floral arrangement. Be sure to use colours that complement one another.
Five Ways How To Style A Corner - Gallery Corner

Time to add greenery

If you’re an avid plant lover, then this one is for you! Add some greenery by placing an oversized pot and plant in the space and balance it out with some beautiful lanterns or LED candles on the floor in front. That soft lighting will create some amazing shadows and patterns on the wall.
Five Ways How To Style A Corner - Green Corner
Five Ways How To Style A Corner - Green Corner

Play with corners

Corners are valuable living space nevertheless, so we might as well use them as such! Why not make it a designated play area? Simply place a round rug, a small shelf and a toy basket in the corner to make it a private nook for your little darling. You could also hang a canopy from the ceiling to make the corner feel cosier. Hopefully, this will entice your kids to keep their toys contained in this little area.
Five Ways How To Style A Corner - Play Corner

Make the most of it

Hopefully, by now you see that corners are areas of our homes that should be treasured. They allow adding a lot of personality to your spaces and can be very useful, too. Check out the idea below from the French interior design company Transition. Here the designers installed a fixed bench seat in the corner and created seating for multiple people in what otherwise would have been empty space.
Five Ways How To Style A Corner - Bench Seat Corner
Dining nook with bench seating by Transition Interior Design


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