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Beautifully Eclectic Rattan Wall Décor Available in Australia

When you envisage lovely pieces of handmade rattan wall décor in Australia, Hunter & Nomad should spring to mind. We have a wonderful range of unique rattan wall art on offer, ideal for creating a natural-looking or bohemian style in any home. Our ethically-made pieces are hand-crafted by artisans from all corners of the globe.

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What Sets Hunter & Nomad Apart Regarding Rattan Home Décor?

Our style is quite distinct as it draws from our Dutch origins, incorporating elements of European design. We are extremely passionate about what we do, and we like to think this shows in our lovely collection.

  • Our products are ethically made and sustainable. We are in constant contact with the artisans who make the products and have formed great working relationships with them. Our rattan supplier is in Cirebon in Indonesia, an area which has firmly established itself as being renowned for its rattan manufacturing. Our suppliers are always willing to try new ideas  ̶  this is how many of our unique products came about as well.
  • As part of our newest range, we have included a rattan wall shelf for delivery in Australia. It is made from pine with a pretty rattan insert – our bohemian take on a standard shelf.
  • We are constantly finding new sources of inspiration to keep our range fresh and up to date. Although our pieces work well as standalone items, they also blend in beautifully with other items in our collection.

We feel that our business is representative of our journey in life, and how far we have come. We work closely with our artisans who are as passionate about our products as we are.

Stylish and Unique Rattan Wall Art

The range of subtly neutral colours we have available means that each piece is versatile and is unlikely to become dated. Our pieces are unique and create a stunning focal point in any room.

  • Our rattan rainbow wall hanging adds a beautiful element of texture. Whether you plan on using it in a brand new nursery, or you’re sprucing up a bedroom or playroom, it will provide the perfect finishing touch.
  • Another great item is our new rattan wall shelf, which is an affordable option for you if you’d like to add a subtle touch of eclectic style to the room you are decorating.
  • One of the biggest benefits of our rattan wall art is that it will complement just about any colour scheme that you choose. You may prefer to keep your whole room muted and natural, or choose to be bold and have a bright wall which would also be a perfect backdrop for our pieces.

Eclectic Home Décor from Hunter & Nomad

Fill your home with beautiful pieces, handmade with care, and which inspire. We love what we do and feel that this reflects in the items we produce.

We’d love to hear from you if you have any questions or if you’d like to know more about any of the items we have on offer.