Moroccan Vintage Rugs

Our Vintage Moroccan Rugs in Australia Tell the Individual Weaver’s Magical Story
Buy Hunter & Nomad vintage Moroccan rugs in Australia online. If you have been thinking about redecorating the nursery, a kid’s bedroom, or any other interior space in your home, have a look at the beautiful, thick, luxurious, and specially chosen Moroccan area rugs we have available.

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Beautiful Handmade Moroccan Rugs in Australia
We sell diverse and unique décor, providing a range of rattan baskets-, mirrors-, swing chairs-, and bassinets, in addition to wooden furniture, ottomans and cushions, gifts and gift cards, prints, leather accessories, and bags, among other products. 
  • Nomadic Moroccans employed these carpets as anything from a saddle blanket to a burial garment, self-decoration, and bedding to sleep upon due to the high quality and density of the fibres in the rug.
  • You may be interested in our absolutely stunning Boujaad II pile rug. This colourful work of art was made in the Haouz region, between the Atlantic Ocean and the Middle Atlas Mountains. We have also located some rare vintage Azilal rugs that were hand-woven by tribes residing in the Azilal province in the High Atlas Mountains.¬†
  • These handmade antique rugs contain singular defects as well as signs of age and usage, which make them even more valuable and authentic. We appreciate and gladly purchase these 20th Century Moroccan rugs that have always been woven by the most talented tribal artists.
Unique and Handcrafted Moroccan Beni Ourain Rug 
The price you pay for your carpet indicates the condition, size, scarcity, age, knot technique used, and the tribal connection of the piece. 
  • Your sustainable, ethically manufactured, quality Beni Ourain rug in Australia is probably the lushest and most comfortable floor covering you have come across yet. Beni Ourain carpets are heirlooms that contain classic, geometric designs that convey an identifiable style passed down from one weaver to the next.
  • Your Moroccan Beni Ourain rug consists of undyed, pure, organic wool. Many Moroccans still rear sheep in the mountains to produce the fantastic high-grade wool used to make these lavish carpets that contain customary, recurrent patterns.
  • Each woman weaves her particular free-flowing design in natural colours and with a creative outline that features her personal feelings, past encounters, and insights into a soft, richly textured, confident yet graceful motif that includes Berber traditions. It can take several years to bring one such rug into being, and you will find no other exactly like it.
Our company focuses on providing skilfully crafted interior embellishments for nurseries, children’s bedrooms, living rooms, and any other space you wish to beautify. 
Looking for Moroccan Style Rugs in Australia?
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