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Unique and Premium Quality Rattan and Wooden Furniture in Australia 

If you are looking for reliable, quality rattan furniture in Australia, look no further. Our business is the definition of home décor meets eclectic, unique products. Our stunning collection of handcrafted products can add beauty to any home. Choose Hunter & Nomad for excellence in unique home décor.

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Beautiful and Timeless Cane Furniture in Australia

Whenever you buy furniture, it is important to make sure you buy it from the best source. Furniture can be a commitment, and you want the choice you make for quality to honour that commitment in the long run. Here is a list of reasons we believe you should choose our services when you need high quality rattan furniture:

  • Our unique products come from the most talented artisans all around the world. Few things will rival the quality and intricate design of the products we sell, ensuring that everything you buy from us, is not only beautiful but of quality that lasts.
  • We offer a wide selection of products to ensure you have what you need when you need it for your home. Whether you want a beautifully intricate rattan wardrobe in Australia, quality rugs, or even wall d√©cor, we have it. We pride ourselves on being able to provide you with the services you need to transform any room into a magical one.
  • We provide everyone with access to amazing inspirations, tips, and ideas with our blog and social media pages so you can always get the most out of our services. We can help you pinpoint the design you want, whether it is for your home office, a bedroom shared by your two boys, or merely to learn how to style specific spaces. Whether you want help with a rattan bookshelf or a pillow layout, helping you get the most out of your inner designer is what we are here for, and we love doing it.

Whether you are looking for exceptional quality in unique designs, a wide selection of ways to design your space or 24/7 access to super helpful tips and tricks, we are the obvious choice. Our services have provided countless others with the ability to unlock the potential of their rooms.

Style Your Home with our Range of Eclectic Décor, Wood and Rattan Furniture

There will always be products that compliment what you are buying. Whether you are buying rattan shelves or rattan furniture, here are a few things we believe could easily go with your current shopping list:

  • We have a range of beautiful cushions and ottomans you can add to the rooms you are decorating. We provide dotted cushions and ottomans in different colours, and shell-shaped cushions for those who enjoy the feeling of the ocean.
  • We sell beautiful rattan swing chairs that will ensure added flair with a simple, yet effective design. The kids will love it and ‚Äď if you have cats ‚Äď they might just find a new place to sit while they keep the children company. Our swing chairs come in a beautiful, white, and a simplistic natural finish.
  • For the parents who love the natural look and feel provided by rattan, we have beautiful rattan bassinets available. They are sturdy, resilient, and look great, especially when coupled with some of our other products. It can act as a bed for your young one‚Äôs dolls, or as a good napping spot for your new baby.

Handcrafted Unique Rattan Home Furniture from Hunter and Nomad

After having moved to Australia nine years ago, Annemarie and her husband fell in love with the beauty in the Australian lifestyle and decided to make it their new place of residence. Since then, their passion for unique Dutch-inspired nursery and kids room décor has inspired numerous of their creations, as well as many imports. Aiming to become the go-to brand for new mums and interior design lovers, they have since taken all the necessary steps to ensure their brand is not only recognisable, but accessible and reputable. Now, years later, they ensure that every homeowner can unlock the interior potential of their abode with our unique items.

Whether you want to redecorate the kids‚Äô room, get a head start on the room of the newborn that is on the way or simply acquire some unique, beautiful items that you can apply to your home, we can help. Call us today and let us help you find the best look for those spaces that have given you a hard time‚ÄĒTrust Hunter & Nomad for the best in nursery and kids‚Äô interiors.