Eclectic Décor and Beautiful Rattan Woven Baskets in Australia 

Hunter & Nomad invent and manufacture woven baskets in Australia to store shoes, cushions, toys, and anything else cluttering up your baby’s or child’s room. Take a look at our new yet timeless collection of rattan furnishings.

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Handmade Rattan Baskets in Australia

Indonesian artisans make our items by hand. We base our company on fair practice, sustainability, and strong principles.

We have devised and fabricated a multipurpose rattan basket that also serves as a stool, and offer pine wood and rattan kids‚Äô wardrobes in different colours. These lovely modern wardrobes would look great with any of our 2020 collection pieces, including the chest of drawers ‚ąí available in the same colours and inspired by vintage European style drawers.

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